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Trauma Responsive Care

Our brain is a social brain that is shaped by lived experience. This becomes our internal working system, by which to receive information, make sense of and navigate our world. This sits alongside our basic instinctual drives; one such drive being to survive.  

Extra-ordinary lived experience (which includes unsafe and threatening life events) constructs an internal working system that can be wired to hyper-vigilance mode. What happens then is that the brain is on perpetual hyper-alert, on the ready to fire through a threat alarm to activate a survival response of fight, flight, freeze, faint, fawn. 

A trauma sensitive frame holds this as one cornerstone of the clinical treatment lens. My therapeutic endeavor is to collaboratively construct a shared space between us, that is experientially safe, secure, and stable enough. When this occurs a different part of the brain comes alive, connects and integrates to rewire different neural pathways.  In this space, the whole brain comes together to forge a more coherent internal working system that reads external cues and responds with different capacity. 

This complex process of re-socialization privileges the quality of relational engagement and neurobiological connectedness. This backdrop guides one part of my approach.

It is my quest to co-create with you, a world where new and more enduring ways of being are possible, and where you come to reclaim your best integrity of self. 

Ultimately, our journey together is about new levels of awareness and conscious choice.  Our journey together is about connecting and honouring all parts of self and to reclaim choice, autonomy, power, to transcend your capacity for survival and to step into your capacity to thrive.