invitation to awareness and broader consciousness sand dunes

Invitation to Awareness and Broader Consciousness

We are born into a world and a way of preferred being which precedes us. It becomes the mould to which we struggle to conform. These parameters of existence are shaped by many socio-ecological factors including age, gender, demographics, education, sexual orientation, race, culture, religion and education. This constructs a preferred ‘self’ and preferred way of being; and a non-preferred ‘self’ and non-preferred way of being. It is what I regard as the ‘politics of being’. My wondering then is what becomes of the non-preferred, marginalised parts of self? How do they call for attention?

This is one philosophical construct that underpins my approach. My stance is gentle, curious, exploring, respectful. What is privileged is your lived experience, your innate capacity for growth and your implicit knowing as to what serves, no longer serves or would serve you better in moving forward. It is my hope that in our journey together, we will reclaim the integrity of who you are, how you wish to be, and to reclaim all ‘parts of self’ in a way which is more enduring and meaningful. This intricate work begins with a therapeutic dialogue.