Relationship Counselling and Psychotherapy

Trauma Informed Practice

Clinical Psychotherapist (M Coun/App Psych;
M Couple/Family Therapy; B Arts/Law (Hons))

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The trajectory of life means that sometimes we find ourselves in sticky territory. Psychotherapy is a process of reflection, awareness and consciousness raising, in an endeavour to find a more meaningful and enduring way forward.

I hold a safe and collaborative space for this process, where together we can explore ‘self’ and self in relation to ‘other’. Depending on the presenting difficulty and what underpins, this draws in different domains for reflection:– our internalised narratives, what shapes and constructs them; our coping skills and whether they continue to serve; our innate resources, and our capacity for new choices and different ways of being.

Implicit in this process is the fundamental essence of your deeper knowing; your unique experiential response to your lived experiences, what lingers, what impacts, and how. Sometimes the impact can be such that it lends towards a life more constricted and contracted, and less engaging with the fullness of its scope. Therapy hovers in this space between implicit and explicit experience, what is spoken and not spoken, what is conscious and not-yet-conscious. This space-between is the beginning step towards healing and the fullness of being.